Way Out West

6th May 2012, 48 photos.

Club flyout to the west coast. At last the weather allows a flyout to take place again, although it did try its best to prevent us from leaving on Friday. Base camp for two nights was established on the Gigha airstrip from which some went to Northern Ireland and my mini-squadron flew to the Island of Coll, for a bbq lunch on the sand dunes, and Mull, via a spectacular Hebridean backdrop. And challenged myself to grab a photo of each final approach - without crashing!

On the way. Arran broods in the evening sun


Over Goat Fell on Arran


Gigha ahead, with Islay beyond


Descending over the village at Gigha


Final approach at Gigha from west to east


Base camp


Trikes, tents and turbines


Twin beaches on Gigha where James and I wild camped last summer


Kim over Jura, Scarba and the Corryvreckan


Small plane, big landscape. Kim leads us past Ben More, Mull


The ever-spectacular Calgary Bay, Mull


Island of Coll with Tiree in the distance


Descending to the amazing new runway at Coll


Unmistakable Hebridean beaches, downwind to land at Coll with Tiree in the distance


Final approach to Coll


Kim lands at Coll


Gordon and Jill about to land at Coll


Coll Aerodrome


Welcome to Coll


Are they trying to tell us something?


Cows on the beach, Coll


Lunch in the dunes on Coll


Me and my microlight at Coll airfield


Kim lines up for departure from Coll


Amazing north-west coast of Coll


Amazing north-west coast of Coll


Yet more white sand and turquoise water


Almost at the north end of Coll


Northern tip of Coll


Glenforsa airfield, Mull


Final approach to Glenforsa on Mull


Refilled with tea and petrol, Gordon and Jill about to depart Mull


Lined up for takeoff from Mull as Gordon and Jill climb out


Mull magic


The bridge over the Atlantic - Seil Island


Home sweet home - Gigha approaches again




Final approach to Gigha - east to west this time


Tied down for another night at Gigha


Microlights put to bed so the owners can go to the pub


Achamore Gardens, Gigha. Walking off the hangovers before flying home


Achamore Gardens


Newly-wed microlighters, David and Natalie in the bamboo, Achamore


Flying team - Natalie, David, Jill, Gordon, Kim, me


Microlights at Gigha ready to fly home


Homeward bound, over Bute


Nearly home


Watching the jets land beneath us at Edinburgh


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