Skiing Les 3 Vallees

18th February 2013, 49 photos.

Wonderful ski holiday at La Tania, The Three Valleys/Courchevel in the French Alps. Excellent company, ridiculously good food and more ski runs than you could shake a pole at. Thank you Julie and Douglas, for inviting us to join you.

James and Lesley busy in the kitchen


Julie, Isla and James try the hottub


James and me in the falling snow


Leigh, Isla and Julie, going up in La Tania gondola


Iain, me and James, going up


Regrouping on Pic Bleu


James in his tuck on Pic Bleu


James and Ben on Tougnete 1 gondola


Me and James on Tougnete 1


James with new pal Gregor at the top of the incredible Jerusalem run


Douglas and Isla on Jerusalem


James, Gregor and Ben, outside La Loy lunch stop


The boys exploring off piste on the way down to St Martin


Gregor gets airborne on Loy


Gregor and James on St Martin 2 chairlift


Off piste again at the bottom of Jerusalem


Ben, James and Gregor against a sparkling sky


Our extended group; Dave, Ben, Jen, Julie, Sophie, Douglas, Isla, Gregor, James


James, Gregor, Julie, Douglas, Isla and Douglas on St Martin 2


James takes in the amazing view


Ready to go again - top of Tougnete


Off piste tracks (not ours!)


Mountain cafe


The tuck again


Picturesque, but slow, Loze chairlift


Another mountain cafe


James and me on Col De La Loze


James on the col


Isla on the distant Pointe De La Masse


Creux Noirs


Creux Noirs


Martin and Milda - our wonderful hosts


Dinner; Leigh, Isla, Douglas, Julie, Lesley, me, James


Outside the chalet, ready to start on another snowy morning


In La Tania village - Isla, Leigh and James


Final morning heading up into the sunshine and blue skies


Our group, at Loze - Julie, Lesley, Iain, me, James, Leigh, Isla and Douglas


On Col De La Loze run




Me and James on Coqs chairlift


The spectacular Saulire


Skidding to a halt on Biollay


Taking a break at Le Roc


Parapente off Col De La Loze


Last day lunch at Le Roc


Takeoff from Courchevel altiport


Regrouping under Saulire on Chamois


Proud of his brilliant turns on final red - Bouc Blanc. And I very proud of him


With beloved chalet dog, Jerry


18th February 2013, 49 photos. View this album in Flickr.