Tandeming France

22nd October 2016, 33 photos.

A tandeming holiday to properly visit some of the sights we flew over on our microlight trip back in August. With a little Paris mini-adventure thrown in too, since we happened to be passing. I just must mention the Nexus mobile phone - it has an AMAZING phone camera, particularly in low light and even its digital zoom (used cautiously) can give nice results. All of these photos were taken with the phone - it's not practical to carry a proper camera on the bike but no need to anyway, thanks to the Nexus.

The sun rises on our tandeming adventure


A little leg stretch cycle on the first day and we discovered Chateau de Chissay


Chateau de Chissay


Villandry's incredible gardens


Villandry's incredible gardens


Villandry's incredible gardens


Villandry's incredible gardens


Kim loving the gardens


Purple cabbages


Pumpkins lined up for Halloween


Crossing Le Cher on the way from Villandry to Tours


The tandem is dwarfed by Tours Catherdral


Tours' "flaggy bridge"


End of a fabulous cycle as the sun sets at our hotel in Amboise


Ordered to remove our cleats before getting into Chambord


Kim looking very small on the massive Chateau de Chamboud


Miles and miles of Loire and Cher vines on route to Chenonceau






Chenonceau on Le Cher




Chenonceau perspective


Chenonceau bedroom


Kim enjoys the Chenonceau kitchen




Autumn colours at Chenonceau


When in Paris...


Useful navigational feature


When in Paris...


Striking Flemish architecture in Arras


Arras lights up as night falls


Arriving in the village of Moeuvres to see Great Uncle Aubrey's grave - the cemetery visible top right


Planting a tiny flower for Great Uncle Aubrey at the British Military Cemetery in Moeuvres. Killed, aged 22, fighting to secure the Canal du Nord. The mission was ultimately successful, though sadly not for him.


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