1st January 2019, 12 photos.

My 200th Munro (and 201st) after a Hogmanay wild camp near Braemar to see in the New Year. These 200 have taken 35 years or so - a rate at which the remaining 82 will take a very long time.

Hogmanay Bed and Breakfast accommodation secured - getting ready to walk to the pub


Breakfast at first light - the trees had offered excellent protection from the overnight gales


The long walk in, solved


Steady height gain above Loch Callater


An hour or so in and happy to see the sun finally rise


Looking up Glen Callater


200th Munro summit - is this a piece of your plane?


Summit of Carn an t-Sagairt Mor


Eerie section of the crashed Canberra which has lain here since 1956


An unusual aspect - from the west - of Lochnagar


Descending the second, icy Munro, Carn a Choire Bhoidheach


Walking back out towards the waiting bikes at Lochcallater Lodge


1st January 2019, 12 photos. View this album in Flickr.