Les Houches

12th February 2014, 21 photos.

Wonderful three days' skiing at Les Houches with James. Two days of amazing weather and views - the third day, er, not so. But brilliant to watch his skiing develop quickly - it's all becoming very instinctive now, linking his parallel turns beautifully and any hints of the old snowplough consigned to history. Very proud of him!

Day 1 - ready for the first run!!!


First sight of the valley as the clouds part


Our favourite - "La Cha" run


Messing in the snow at coffee break


On the chair


Glorious weather and views


Mont Blanc


Ready for the final, and long, run of the day


On our way as the sun goes down


Day 2 - the off piste day


Off piste


Into his tuck


More powdery off piste


Lunchtime burial


Top of the Kandahar


Coffee break in hot sunshine


Pretty chairlift view of the Aiguilles


Off piste on the long, last run


Heading back down with thoughts of the hot tub


Day 3 - Er, the blizzard!


So plenty of hot chocolate time


12th February 2014, 21 photos. View this album in Flickr.