An Argentine Experience

4th February 2020, 52 photos.

A colourful experience in Argentina we will never forget. Scooted around Buenos Aires either side of a fly-drive tour of the far north-west, exploring the Andes and the deserts from a base at Salta where we 'enjoyed' some crazy roads, beautiful scenery and stomach-churning food poisoning.

Off for a walk. To Argentina.


The best way to get around Buenos Aires


When in Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires wanderings


City of the Dead - resting place of Eva Peron


City of the Dead


Scooting around Buenos Aires


Colourful Palermo district, Buenos Aires


Bohemian Palermo cafe-life


Rabieta microbrewery at the racecourse in Buenos Aires


Street entertainment by day, Salta


Salta main square


The pink Cathedral, Salta


Salta Cathedral


The early evening view while we enjoy a beer at a pavement cafe


Street entertainment by night, Salta


Through the mud and up and over the mountain to Cachi


Bonkers dirt, hairpin road to 11,000 feet, heading for Cachi


Top of the climb


Big snowy Andes, descending to Cachi


The 'good road' to Molinos


But the end of this road for us - we need to turn back


Saguaro watching


Hip little Cachi for lunch - but the end of the road - no way through to our hotel at Molinos - we tried, and it quickly stopped being fun!


Cachi men at work


Retracing our steps, back over the high pass and heading down the valley


Heading south for Cafayate


The Cafayate road


The Cafayate road


The late evening sun on the Cafayate road


The yellow Cathedral, Cafayate


Cafayate main square early in the morning


The Obelisk


Northbound again, towards Salta - the Mirador Tres Cruces


Lionel and Diego - who else - street art in Tilcara - they love their football in Argentina


The road to Pucara de Tilcara


Our hotel room balcony, an oasis, in primitive Tilcara


Unbelievable road climbing to nearly 14,000 feet - heading for the Salt Flats


Top of the most enormous climb


Kim stands on a gigantic tyre at the Salinas Grandes - the big Salt Flats


Salty Llama


Purmamarca market


Colourful Purmamarca market


Purmamarca colours


Surreal walk around the mountains of seven colours at Purmamarca


Mountains of seven colours at Purmamarca


Overlooking the mountain town of Purmamarca


mountains of seven colours at Purmamarca


Into the tropics - the Tropic of Capricorn


Huge sundial aligned with the Tropic of Capricorn


Closing Buenos Aires wanderings


The sun sets on our trip, back in Palermo, Buenos Aires


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