A Witch Called Beadie Nell

14th August 2011, 88 photos.

Dads' and Kids' camping trip 2011. Back to Beadnell for rugby, rounders, candy floss, ice-cream, football, paddling, swimming, juggling, walking, running, jumping, throwing, rolling, bbqing, beaches, birthday-party, crazy-golf, soft-play, pool, long-jumping, digging, rock-pooling, fishing, marshmallowing, fire-making, beer, whisky, some more beer and A Witch Called Beadie Nell!

The camp


Day 1 - breakfast!!


Tim does a fine job in the kitchen


Rory waits, hungrily


James unsure about breakfast


Penny and Stuart contemplate breakfast


Jack enjoys his


Coco Pops popular - don't tell Mum


Ben does it the quick way


Bacon roll time - Angus


Bacon roll time


Angus takes a dive


Pressie time


Birthday boy


Penny gets the footwear sorted


That's better


Looking for a party


On the march


Still marching


Marching with some purpose


Angus and Rory


Stop the march - it's long jump time - Ben






Graeme gets some air


Stuart nearly jumps out of my photo!


Synchronised long jump arrangements


Long jump


Tricky river crossing...


River crossing - Ben, Jack and James


River crossing - Rory and Angus


River crossing - Graeme and Angus


James and Jack


Crazy golfers


James poses




James and Penny golfing


Deep concentration


Jack at pool


Why are you looking over there Ben?


Stuart and Penny have a quiet moment


Candy Floss - Penny


Candy Floss - Lauren


Candy Floss - Rory


Party bags - Lauren and James


Lauren, James and Rory


Giving some juggling lessons


My best pupil, but still needs some work on his throwing. And his catching!


The first burial


Another burial


The Dads


A man and his beer




Angus falls in the sea and needs a change of clothes


Getting settled in for the rest of the day at the beach - Bruce and Graeme


Ben and James fall in next




Bruce works the burgers and sausages


Graeme, Bruce and Ben


Penny and Angus


The beginnings of a memorable fire


Robin and Jack in one of their many deep discussion


Another man and his beer


Stuart gets down low - relatively speaking


Marshmallow time - James


Happy kids cooking their marshmallows


Robin teaching James all about pointy-stick-making


Marshmallow time - Angus


The fire's looking good


All enjoying the fire


Lauren, lit up in the glow


Nearly time for the kids to go to bed and the whisky to come out


Penny ponders the flames


The perfect setting for Robin's spooky story about A Witch Called Beadie Nell


Day 2 - Angus - being typewritered by Stuart


More typewritering - Gregor


Double typrewriter - Penny and Lauren


Double typewriter - James and Ben


I am utterly lost for words for a caption for this one


Bamburgh - into the water for Rory, Jack and James


Bamburgh Castle


Rory emerges from the deep


In the dunes - Angus, James and Jack


James rolls down the dunes


Jack rolls down the dunes


Ready to race down the dunes






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