Climbing with Kids at Kyloe Crags

16th June 2013, 17 photos.

First taste of real rock climbing for James and me - great fun and tough challenge on Kyloe Crags in Northumberland, with expert supervision and instruction from Kim's Border Search and Rescue buddies, James, Damon and George. And a wonderful climbing exhibition from Damon's 10-year-old twins, Toby and Oscar.

Damon's talented (and crazy!) 10-year-olds just get going before dad even arrives with ropes and harnesses - mad!


George heads up to set up the first climb - The Christmas Tree


Kim gets ready for her turn


And goes for it - and succeeds


James next - and flies up!


Nearly there


Made it - a brilliant first effort - made me very proud


'Abseiling' down


Smug pose after his first ascent


Oscar takes on a much harder route and makes it - of course


Toby follows him up


Toby heading up - amazing natural ability


The kids make fire - naturally!


I have a first go at belaying - and Damon trusts me?!


Damon's first ever lead - my first ever belay! Hmmm!


James tries the difficult climb - but it was too hard to go much further


I try it - but too hard for me too


16th June 2013, 17 photos. View this album in Flickr.