Brighouse Bay Camping

12th August 2012, 59 photos.

Episode three of the Dads' and Kids' camping story. Brighouse Bay in Dumfries and Galloway this time. A huge campsite with lots to keep the kids entertained, climaxing with the now traditional Saturday night beach bbq and open fire.

A few drams to mark our arrival


Breakfast - Jack, James, Rory and Angus


Breakfast - Rory


Breakfast - Lauren


Breakfast - Jack


Penny has a sly CocoPop


Stuart and Ben


Breakfast - Stuart and Penny


Ben pleased to see Angus again


James and Jack help cook brunch


Bacon roll - James


Bacon roll - Jack


Ben queues for his


Brunch, ahem - Lauren


Busy kitchen


Robin and Angus


Swingball - Joe, Rory, Jack, Penny and James


Nice double handed forehand from Penny




Vital beach bbq preparation


Angus takes a refreshment


Water game - James and Penny


Water game - Penny and James


Tim relaxes




Simon, Tim and Rory make their way to the beach


Tim, Rory, Jack, James and Simon arrive


Building a dam to help keep the beer cold - James, Rory, Unknown Fat Boy, Jack and Jack


James and Rory discuss dam engineering


Jack, James and Rory spent hours tending the dam


Penny tests the beer fridge


Lauren shocked


Joe brings more building material


Rugby ball passing game - just 5 left standing


Robin catches


Bruce catches


Finalists - Robin and Lauren


Lauren wins


Boules - Angus, Ben, Jack and Penny


Pudding - served on a boogie board


The kids pop seaweed on the fire


Robin collects firewood


Joe and Lauren rest


Cooking marshmallows with smoke in their eyes


Jack, James and Ben






James and Rory




Lauren and Joe


Jack, James, Jack and Ben play with fire


Bruce and Simon


Robin shows Joe how to cook a marshmallow


James looking satisfied, post marshmallow


Ben - post marshmallow


David and Bruce chill


David and Simon


Jack and Robin tend the fire as it gets dark


Angus, Lauren, Jack, Rory and Joe wait for Robin's scary story


12th August 2012, 59 photos. View this album in Flickr.