Ski Chamonix

13th February 2012, 49 photos.

James' first ever skiing holiday. My first ever skiing holiday. With Stuart and Penny. I think we're hooked!

James and B&B owner, Pepper, shiver at dawn


Day 1 - Stuart, Penny and James ready for action


James finds his skiing legs


Down a wee chute to the T junction


Going up - Stuart, Penny, James and me


Hiding his eyes from the camera!


Chairlift scenery


Chairlift scenery


Lovely run through the trees


Posing ahead of the next run


A rare pic of me - thanks James


Tummy sliding


After their first red run, James takes a breather


And Penny takes a breather


Mont Blanc - I've had worse views for lunch


Playing in the snow


Sunset - the view from our B&B balcony


Day 2 - the snowy day - in the Kandahar starter hut before skiing the top bit of the Kandahar run


Penny in a snow hole


Penny and Stuart


Me and James




In the snow hole


Playing in the woods


James leads the team down this time


Hot chocolate cafe - Penny shows off the battle scars


In his tuck, weaving through the traffic


After 7 hours on the mountain, two very happy but very tired children - one a little bloodstained - descending in the gondola


Day 3 - and the sunshine is back - Mont Blanc


More posing before the off


James, Penny and Stuart on one of our favourite runs


James in action


Penny swooshes down


Another of our favourite runs


A chairlift blether


Junction ahead - Penny gives directions on the move


James grinds to a halt on a flat bit


But soon gets back up to speed - the whole mountain to himself


Stuart and Penny consider the next run


James bombing along, back in his tuck - don't know where he learnt it, but it looked great and I loved to watch him go


More sustenance needed


So a picnic in the powder


James gets ready to be buried in the powder


Then Stuart and James bury Penny


Job done


Hot chocolate stop - Penny's black eye beginning to show


While the kids have their hot chocolate, the dads get to play. So a left turn this time - the famous Kandahar run - time for some black!


James has a seat on a pile of snow only to discover he's on the roof of a house!


Resting after a fantastic effort to ski the 2 miles down to the village with tired legs at the end of an epic skiing day - made me so proud of him. The end of a brilliant trip. Thanks, Stuart and Penny


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