Chateaux Tour of The Loire

6th August 2016, 43 photos.

Our third attempt in the last year to fly to the Loire and do a Chateaux Tour by microlight - something I've wanted to do for a long time. Following the weather, as we always do, we were then taken east to Epernay, the Champagne region and an entirely unplanned and moving overfly of my great uncle's Great War grave in northern France. It was hot, turbulent, bumpy flying all the way but we loved every minute and really didn't want it to end.

Arriving at Le Touquet with my "Lovely Girl"


Heading for beers on the beach at Le Touquet


Sun goes down at beautiful Le Touquet


Climbing out from Le Touquet on route to the Loire


Crossing the mighty Seine


The Seine


Passing Le Mans up high to get out of the thermals for a wee while


The Loire - our target river - looking east from near Saumur


Saumur - our destination


A quick coffee while we acclimatise to the Loire warmth


Our room - the Londres Hotel, Saumur - thoroughly recommended


High street, Saumur


The chateau at Saumur on the Loire


A day off from flying - the top tower of Chateau Saumur


Chateau Saumur's unusual gardens overlooking the river


On a wine cave tour in Saumur's Louis De Grenelle winery, ahead of tasting 6 "champagnes"!


Brazilian entertainment in Saumur


All we needed at Saumur


Chateaux Tour No 1 - saying goodbye to fantastic Saumur


Loire grapes as far as the eye can see


Chateaux Tour No 2 - Azay Le Rideau - big disappointment as it was wrapped in plastic


Chateaux Tour No 3 - into controlled airspace to see the incredible gardens of Villandry


Chateaux Tour No 4 - the reason we are here - Chenonceau


Magnificent Chenonceau


Magnificent Chenonceau


Chateaux Tour No 5 - Amboise - it's there, on a hilltop in the middle of town


One of dozens of unknown chateaux that we stumbled across on the banks of the Loire


Chateaux Tour No 6 - Disney-like and magnificent Chambord




Into the Champagne region - vines to the back door of every house in the village


Ridicuclously ostentatious Avenue de Champagne in Epernay


On the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay - we couldn't not?


Ready to go looking for Aubrey at Cambrai


Great Uncle Aubrey Woodhawks - British Military Cemetery, Moeuvres


Setting up camp at warm and windy Saint Omer


Inside the enormous cathedral in Saint Omer


Inside the enormous cathedral to aviation at Saint Omer


Drying the wing in the rising sun at Saint Omer


Browsing the Saint Omer war memorial as we wait for our flight plan slot for the Channel crossing. Took off 9.00am exactly as per our plan - landed at Headcorn in Kent at 9.01am.


Unmistakable re-introduction to England


Interesting to stumble across the Millbrook (automobile) Proving Ground at Bedford after a wee detour to the Isle of Wight for lunch


Dawn at Fenland, before the flight home to East Fortune


1,748 miles flown


6th August 2016, 43 photos. View this album in Flickr.