Gigha Mini Adventure

9th August 2011, 33 photos.

A two day weather window (well, howling gale, but dry at least) on my week off with James so off to one of my favourite Hebrides - Gigha - for a mini-adventure of cycling, wild camping, playing on beaches and ocean kayaking. My first time on Gigha arriving by surface transport. James' first time on Gigha full stop. It's a magical place and this wee trip just emphasised that.

Ready to sail. I'll carry ALL the gear then, will I?


Rest stop. Only 3 and a half miles to the north of the island, but feels like 30 to James as he toils into a brutal northerly gale.


White Hebridean sand - ye cannae beat it


The plum camping spot, overlooking the north beach but way too exposed to the gale for the tent tonight unfortunately.


The south beach


The north beach - softest sand in the world!


Salt and sand in the air


So hunkered down in the dunes, out of the wind (we hope)


A braw wee spot - time for supper


Relaxing while the fire gets going - James' shadow and me


Coming back from the cludgie?


Coastal walk after tea




This hair style and facial expression perhaps illustrates the wind


Jura broods in the distance


Gigha north coast


Toothbrush dance? I don't know why. Dusk.




The two beaches


We found a crab, sort of


The north beach


Beautiful north beach


Eilean Garbh


Close to our wee beaches now


Lets chase the ferry!


Kayaking in Ardminish Bay




Back at Ardminish. Smug kayaker


Paddling - a wee bit cooler than the Algarve a couple of weeks ago


The Boathouse restaurant and unofficial/official camping area - too tame for us!




Ardminish jetty


Time to bail out - two more days of solid rain on their way, otherwise we'd have stayed for the week. We'll fly in next time son.


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