Quik Mull Stopover

5th May 2017, 17 photos.

At last - a day off and a good weather forecast, in the west at least, coinciding. We left the cold, windy, murky east coast behind for warm, balmy and calm Mull and Gigha - a different world! Less than 24 hours later we landed back to the still freezing cold east. Brrrr...

Chasing our shadow down to Mull


Arrival at Glenforsa on Mull


A pint with a view at Glenforsa


The nicely extended Glenforsa Hotel


We watched the sun set behind the trike and the tent


Leaving Mull and Ben More behind


The amazing west coast, on route to Gigha


Ready to land at Gigha Isaland


Parked at rugged, sunny Gigha


Walking to Achamore Gardens


Achamore Gardens - first week in May - what perfect timing






Kim almost lost in riot of colour


Messing about at Achamore


Gigha's lovely new jetty


What every mircolighter on holiday needs - petrol and palm trees


5th May 2017, 17 photos. View this album in Flickr.