James, Aberlady Gala Consort

4th June 2016, 16 photos.

James was selected as Consort to the Gala Queen for this year's Aberlady Gala. A little bit nerve-wracking but he did brilliantly with his speech and the family are all very, very proud of him.

"Pre-match" nervous smile


The boys!


Looking proud in his kilt


Walking up to the stage with Eve, the Gala Queen


Giving his speech in front of the village - beautifully delivered


Still talking...


Applauding the Queen's speech


Onto the tractors - an admiring glance to his Queen?


That marshall's not concentrating - is the tractor going the wrong way?


Phew! Back on track


Throwing their sweets to the crowds


Still chucking sweets


Fun with all their pals


The Consort, and a winning smile from Eve


Still going - big parade


The "dismount" - always an awkward moment in a kilt!


4th June 2016, 16 photos. View this album in Flickr.