Tandeming Arran

8th June 2013, 17 photos.

Arrived on Arran to cycle a lap of the island on the tandem only to discover a 5 mile section of the road is currently closed. So instead we did a north loop followed by a south loop. This took in all 3 big cat 3 Arran climbs - the String, the Lochranza climb and the Ross - as well as countless cat 4s. A huge effort, but wonderful fun - and further and MUCH more climbing than the originally planned lap.

Like a coiled spring - ready to go


Lapping up the sun, before lapping Arran


Time to loop the loop on Arran and climb every inch of road it has to offer


Replanned, and detour started - top of the first big climb - the tough String Road


Coasting along the west coast


Stoker Kim


This'll do for lunch


Pudding - would have been rude not to


Top of the second big climb - the Lochranza to Brodick road


Ailsa Craig from southern Arran


Top of the final, and hardest, climb - the Ross from Sliddery


Kim and the tandem enjoying the sun


About to drop 1000 feet, fast into Lamlash


Glen Rosa camp - home for the night


Time to hit the pub for beer and food


Oblivious to her environment for a moment


Tired, but happy, heading home


8th June 2013, 17 photos. View this album in Flickr.