Lump District

9th July 2016, 15 photos.

Fun week exploring caves, trees, wee hills and big landslips in the ridiculously named Peak District.

Lamb for dinner in the plague village of Eyam


Heading along the Mam Tor ridge


Looking for Mam


Descending Back Tor


The collapsed road under Mam Tor


No caption required


James and Kim caving


The walk from the cottage to the pub


Found another caveman on the walk for Ilam to Milldale


Kim went Ape


Orienteering in Buxton


Amazing exercise park on Buxton


The Great Masson Cavern, Matlock Bath


Riley Graves, Eyam


Riley Graves, Eyam after great bar supper


9th July 2016, 15 photos. View this album in Flickr.