Burgundy Tandeming

17th October 2019, 22 photos.

Exploring more nice places on the tandem from a base in Beaune in Burgundy with warm-down blasts in the catherdral town of Laon then from Brugge through Belgium and The Netherlands.

Aloxe-Corton - great Fawlty Towers connotations


Very valuable vines in the quaint village of Aloxe-Corton, near Beaune


Hotel de Ville, Beaune


Exploring the Burgundy hills on route from Beaune to Chalon-sur-Saone


Exciting descending down escarpments and through tiny villages


The stunning autumn colours of the Burgundy vines


Found a wee chateau - but it was closed


Back in Beaune - each ride was to end similarly


The most expensive vines are 'protected' behind stone walls - Aloxe again, on route over the hills from Beaune to Dijon




The tandem takes lunch at Dijon


Place de Liberation, Dijon


All routes end in steep uphill hairpins to Laon


Massive Laon Cathedral and tiny Kim


The memorial to McCrae's Battalion at Contalmaison on the Somme - a must see for all Hearts fans


Dinner choice in Brugge


The best way to spend a wet night in Brugge - 400 beers to choose from in this pub


A few beers down and Kim tries to stay standing for the walk back to the B&B


Took a turn out of Brugge and found ourselves in The Netherlands


Happy at the Dutch seaside


Effortless EU border crossing - two white lines in the road and we're back into Belgium


Another great tandeming holiday ends, this time in a supermarket car park in Brugge - she cleans the shiny bits, I the oily ones


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