Saltoun Hall Treasure Hunt

6th May 2013, 18 photos.

Bank Holiday treasure hunt in our fab, big gardens - followed by a walk to the shop to get ingredients for a picnic in the back garden. The beginnings of summer at last perhaps?

First clue found - the very old tree stump


Right - where's the next one? Kim helps with the map reading


This way I think...


I think we've found it...


What next?


Studying the treasure map


In the Doocot - 9 down - 4 across


More map reading


Next, to the garages


Homing in on the prize in the back garden


Got it at last!!


Eating the treaure


Eating the treasure




Flowers for their mums


Magic toadstools


Heading for a picnic lunch


Picnic in the garden


6th May 2013, 18 photos. View this album in Flickr.