Kids' Camping Chapter Four

12th August 2013, 71 photos.

Chapter Four of the Dads' and Kids' camping series - and the third time back at Beadnell, Northumberland. Bigger and better than ever before....

Gazebo puzzle solving, Jack, Keith and Tim


Jack pegging in


Setting up - James, Jack and Tim


David, Robin and Keith looking completely out-foxed by a tent


Hitting the beach


Lauren gets wet


Cold Penny?


Jack soaked


Jack gets the jeans just a wee bit wet


Stuart explains. Something?


Craster Arms - pub grub orders


Beer garden carnage


Swingball at the campsite


Angus shows us his skills


Izzy, the class act


Start of the walk to Seahouses, Jack, James, Ben, Jack, Rory


Joe, Jack, Rory and James get busy smashing rocks


Lauren shows Joe, something?


Long jump comp - Jack


Long jump camp - Sam


Long jump comp - Rory


Long jump comp - Andrew


Robin flies!!


Izzy puts it into practice and leaps a river


Team jumping


Continuing the walk - studying rock pools


Rory, James sand Ben examine the geology


Angus lies in it


Lauren catches a crab


Ben goes one better with two


James fascinated in whatever Lauren has found


Lauren, James and Jack with their sticky limpets


Cheeky Jack


Ben and James mess around at Seahouses


Piggy back for Jack


And Rory


Crazy golfers, Jack, Andrew, James, Lauren and Campbell


Crazy golf


Lauren and Penny in deep concentration


Tim parks in the staff carpark and incurs the wrath of Eric who blocks him in indefinitely


The dads watch the fishing


James first ever go and catches exactly the same number of fish as experts, Ewan and David


Rory catches the same number too!!


Angus, James, Lauren and Penny get buried and impaled by Jack, Izzy and Rory


James seems to find it funny


Lauren looks comfortable too


Angus laughs off the mouthful of sand!!


Izzy the Impaler!!!


Rory looks on


Jack takes a dip


Andrew jumps and we warn them not to dive off the rock


DON'T DIVE! It's only three feet of water - Jack V doesn't care


Fast forward - tide out - was madness to dive into that


Lighting up


Penny ponders


Campbell, Jack, Ben, Izzy, Sam and Angus watch the fire








Angus gets into the marshmallows


The sun sets


Keith, Stuart, Ricky and David warmed by the fire (and beer)


Jack sits in the glow


Next morning - James smacks the swingball


And Izzy sends it back with interest


Jack discovers Simon's secret stash of chocolate so hands it out to everyone unbeknown to Simon


Simon found guilty of Antisocial Behaviour (not sharing chocolate) by a jury of kids and Judge Day sentences him to be piled upon


Fire re-lights with little provocation


James and the Jacks ready for a burling


Enjoying the speed


Joe and Jack head nervously into the ghost train and bring Chapter Four to a close


12th August 2013, 71 photos. View this album in Flickr.