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Way Out West

6th May 2012, 48 photos

Club flyout to the west coast. At last the weather allows a flyout to take place again, although it did try its best to prevent us from leaving on Friday. Base camp for two nights was established on the Gigha airstrip from which some went to Northern Ireland and my mini-squadron flew to the Island of Coll, for a bbq lunch on the sand dunes, and Mull, via a spectacular Hebridean backdrop. And challenged myself to grab a photo of each final approach - without crashing!

Eastery Things

8th April 2012, 27 photos

Annual chocolate treasure hunt, up the Law for some egg rolling and an afternoon messing about and eating chocolate on the beach. An East Lothian Easter.


18th March 2012, 14 photos

Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe. It's been on my to do list for years, no, decades, and finally got round to it today. A great day on the hills with very mixed weather - half the time sunshine and great viz, the other half snow and whiteout.

Ski Chamonix

16th February 2012, 49 photos

James' first ever skiing holiday. My first ever skiing holiday. With Stuart and Penny. I think we're hooked!

Glas Tulaichean and Carn an Righ

29th January 2012, 4 photos

A couple more ticks and a bit of a slog in crappy winter weather. Have to keep reminding myself this is fun. But it is. What does a long walk in mean again? Oh yes, a long walk out!


21st January 2012, 6 photos

James' wee homework project - find out about and bring in a photo of a Scottish landmark. Athelstaneford, just up the road - birthplace of the Saltire, allegedly.


7th January 2012, 7 photos

Helping out at James' pal Angus' birthday party. Pizza and beer (my kind of kids' party!), then along the road to see the mighty Hearts demolish Auchinleck Talbot, er one-nil, courtesy of a comical moment in the Talbot defence. Great time had by all. Except Darren Barr.


2nd January 2012, 7 photos

Decided the mountain forecast was too terrible for our Christmas Munros so Beinne Bhuidhe will have to wait. Instead, went for a wee leg stretch on Tinto Hill. Tricky to stand upright in the wind at the top so pleased we weren't another 1000 feet higher.

Dropping In

18th December 2011, 11 photos

Dropped in, with Kim, on the frozen parachute centre at Strathallan near Crieff, "bagging" a few snowy Munros on route. Somewhat cold at 5000 feet but I'm optimistic the frostbitten toes will make a good recovery in the fullness of time.

Up Town

17th December 2011, 9 photos

Boys' trip "up town". Great fun at the Winter Wonderland attractions, albeit mobbed, with huge queues of chip-munching teens and pretty pricey as always. With one exception - no queue at all, cheap for adults, kids go free, a bit of exercise and the best view of the city of the lot of them - the Scott Monument - that's the one for me!

Ya Butey

6th November 2011, 21 photos

The classic winter day trip to the island of Bute for lunch. One wee complication though - we got overhead and the runway was completely obscured by fog meaning we couldn't land (because we couldn't see it). We circled for a bit, scratching our heads, then Kim had the inspired idea to fly round Arran for a bit of sight-seeing and time-killing before trying again. When we got back to Bute for another go, one end of the runway was clear of fog and visible, just. Landed. Lunched. Warmed feet. Ya Butey!

7 Up

31st October 2011, 29 photos

Birthday tomorrow. Party today.

Stanley Mills Thrills

22nd October 2011, 3 photos

Visit to Historic Scotland's Stanley Mills near Perth.

EuroChampsChallenge Finale

21st September 2011, 5 photos

Photoshoot I did last week (see Thursday's Herald newspaper) of Robin and Angus with all the memorabilia they collected, ahead of the EuroChampsChallenge Finale Dinner and auction. If you haven't already, check out for the whole incredible story.

Taking It All In Our Stride

18th September 2011, 9 photos

Gigha runway waterlogged so yet another planned flying weekend bites the dust. Plan B, as usual, to head to the hills, so off for a romp over some Lakeland fells. Being more used to the Gaelic hill names of the Munros, it's really weird climbing all these utterly pronouncable, yet inexplicable, English hill names. Grisedale Brow - Striding Edge - Helvellyn - Lower Man - White Side - Raise - Sticks Pass - Stybarrow Dodd - Green Side - Sheffield Pike - Heron Pike. Taking it all in our Stride!

Wide Eyed Sky

4th September 2011, 6 photos

Messing around with the ultra wide-angle lens stuck onto my first ever digital camera (circa 2001, I think) to see if it can still cut the mustard. Camera and lens performed fine - fully charged battery died after about 30 minutes. Hmm. Time to land!

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