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Four islands, four microlights, light breezes and blues skies. Camping under the wing on the islands of Gigha and Mull. Further pit stops at Jura, Oban and Bute. A fun, little Inner Hebridean mini-adventure. Even an engine problem with my microlight on Gigha that temporarily grounded me couldn't spoil this one - a phone call from the pub to another microlighter back home saw the spare part flown in the next morning. A lucky escape though - will carry a spare carb-rubber in future. Schoolboy error. Lesson learnt.


The southern tip of Bute

Gigha Island

Descending to Gigha

The Gigha Hotel


Base leg for Gigha


Gigha Airstrip

Meeting the locals

Making camp

Gigha's unofficial campsite

Cows, tents and microlights

Dinner, Gigha Hotel

A few bottles later

Full cooked Scottish breakfast

Achamore Gardens, Gigha

Achamore Gardens, Gigha

Achamore Gardens, Gigha

Achamore Gardens, Gigha

Achamore Gardens, Gigha

Climbing out over Achamore House

And over the Gigha Hotel

Gigha ferry

Gigha's east coast

Point of Knap

Island of Danna

Paps of Jura - Beinn an Oir

Paps of Jura - Beinn a Chaolais

Looking straight down the airstrip from the Paps

Descending from the Paps

Descending from the Paps

Crosswind for Jura


Jura Airstrip

Mike's Reggie Perrin moment

An eclipse of the Paps

Local flora and microlights

Echo Alpha and me

Parked on Jura

Resting on Jura

Ready for departure



Loch Spelve, Mull


Parked at Oban

Backtracking the new runway, Oban

The route