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Four Nations Flying Tour     45 photos   Slideshow...

A dramatic "follow the weather" microlight tour visiting friends and family in Gatwick, Norfolk and the Lake District, taking in France and Wales for good measure. A bit of a photographic challenge to produce anything worthwhile through the near permanent haze layer below us, but I've tried. (Oh - a serious little footnote for any of my students reading this: despite appearances and my captions, we were at all times in sight of the surface.)

On our way - a gorgeous morning
On our way - a gorgeous mor..

Kim oversees refuelling at Sherburn, Yorkshire
Kim oversees refuelling at ..

Huge power stations send smoke up through the haze layer
Huge power stations send sm..

Doing some trial flights at Titsey, near Gatwick, for Kim's son Stuart and his pals
Doing some trial flights at..

Another trial flight into the wee private grass strip at Titsey
Another trial flight into t..

Dawn at Headcorn in Kent - time to pack up the tent and get going to France
Dawn at Headcorn in Kent - ..

Kent below us heading for the Channel - a little bit challenging for Kim doing her navigation - to put it mildly!
Kent below us heading for t..

View not much different in that direction
View not much different in ..

Mid-Channel. What Channel?
Mid-Channel. What Channel?

Kim's perfect navigation prevails - Cap Gris Nez appears a mile beneath us
Kim's perfect navigation pr..

Ready to depart Abbeville after a fine French lunch and the mist had lifted
Ready to depart Abbeville a..

The Seine appears in the haze below as we head south-west
The Seine appears in the ha..

Final approach into L'Aigle St Michel in Normandy
Final approach into L'Aigle..

Taxying in
Taxying in

Kim at L'Aigle with the trike tied down for the night
Kim at L'Aigle with the tri..

Me at L'Aigle
Me at L'Aigle

This will be a little upgrade from the tent last night
This will be a little upgra..

Heading north after the morning mist had lifted and the mighty Seine again
Heading north after the mor..

Base leg for the spectacular seaside, but hilltop, airfield at Eu Mers
Base leg for the spectacula..

Messing about at the deserted Eu Mers airfield on the north coast
Messing about at the desert..

Funny moment of the tour as I collapse laughing as Kim tries and tries and tries and tries to battle her chart into her kneeboard before we can get going
Funny moment of the tour as..

Map finally sorted and ready to depart gorgeous sunny Eu Mers
Map finally sorted and read..

Yet another amazing strip of French concrete
Yet another amazing strip o..

Kim and the trike arrive to a sunny evening at St Omer
Kim and the trike arrive to..

A wonderful meal in town and rainy night in the tent later, Kim and the trike are dwarfed by the massive German wartime hangar but ready to fly back to England
A wonderful meal in town an..

The Channel again at Flight Level 60. Er, what Channel?
The Channel again at Flight..

Right on cue though, one mile over the White Cliffs of Dover
Right on cue though, one mi..

After flogging north east into a stiff headwind, we arrive at Beccles, Norfolk, beside Princess Anne's heliciopter as she attends a nearby function
After flogging north east i..

Following the weather again, to Wales now, after a quick lunch stop at Wolverhampton
Following the weather again..

Heading for Snodonia
Heading for Snodonia

Awesome north-west Wales
Awesome north-west Wales

Snowdonia scenery
Snowdonia scenery

Snowdon itself, just 12 weeks after we stood on top of it on a very different holiday
Snowdon itself, just 12 wee..

View south, approaching Caernarfon
View south, approaching Cae..

Incredible scene from the base leg into Caernarfon
Incredible scene from the b..

Kim chats up another helicopter!
Kim chats up another helico..

Colourful Wales Air Ambulance poised for action beside us
Colourful Wales Air Ambulan..

Taxying for fuel using Kim-power!
Taxying for fuel using Kim-..

I oversee refuelling while Kim distantly loses herself in more helicopters
I oversee refuelling while ..

Passing Snowdon again, on route to the Lakes
Passing Snowdon again, on r..

Liverpool docks
Liverpool docks

Arrival at Cark on Morecambe Bay and Kim makes arrangements for the evening with our fiends Sarah and Dan who have just moved to the Lake District
Arrival at Cark on Morecamb..

The million quid jump plane at Cark parachute club.
The million quid jump plane..

After a fab evening with friends, we pass by the northwestern Lakes on the way home
After a fab evening with fr..

The Four Nations
The Four Nations